Activating The Caring Power of Community

No one gets life right the first time. In those moments when you need another chance, who will help?

Stimuli a 501(c)3 organization has provided more than $125,000 in scholarships to high school and college students.  

The pro-growth initiatives are designed to:

  • Provide relief to the underserved and empower them through economic development.
  • Strengthen their independence, self-esteem and ability to make a positive contribution to community life.
  • Work together in true partnership with the community.
  • Create measurable, tangible results that affect every day lives.

Stimuli initiaties include three phases:

Phase 1:  Champion Learning

  • Test preparation center to train and equip the underserved with resources for next level living (SAT, ACT, skills for living).
  • Classes to empower and equip the underserved with skills necessary to meet job qualification.

Phase 2:  House of Champions (future initiative)

  • Adult supervised homes for families who need another chance in life.

Phase 3:  Entrepreneur's Accelerator (future initiative)

  • Provide resources and mentoring to early stage entrepreneurs to accelerate business growth.