There are so many things in  life that seem unexplainable.  When we look at these unexplainable things in by themselves, they may not make sense.  One of the challenges in life is that we evaluate the end by the beginning.  In other words, we evaluate how something will turn out based on how it is going at the moment.

Your life is not fragmented or separated. You may not initially see it, but events seemingly independent of one another are working together to produce something greater.

Namaan, the leper didn’t understand why Elijah told him to wash in the Jordan seven times in order to be cleansed, but he was cleansed when he obeyed.

The Israelites didn’t understand God’s strategy when He told them to circle Jericho for seven days but victory followed their obedience.

Joseph experienced many moments in his life, but he understood his teenage dream as he stood in the palace 13 years later.

When, what God has said is different from what you are experiencing, connect with Him, trust Him, and follow Him.  He is working things together to produce something greater.