As we prepare to finish up our 21 Days of fasted prayer, I want to pose a question to you: What’s on your mind?

Throughout the Bible God instructs us to change our thinking, to see with spiritual eyes, to remember that His thoughts are not ours. The early church not only had in mind the things of God, but they went about accomplishing God’s work in God’s ways.

The disciples didn’t out-argue unbelievers, they outlived them.
The Christians did not attempt to overthrow those who disagreed with them. Instead, they outthought them; out prayed them and outlived them. Their weapons were positive not negative.

Today, we can get the word out quickly through our social networks when legislation comes up that is not good for the nation morally or spiritually. We speak up and make a difference. Now that is good.

– But does your work for Jesus overtake your worship of Him?
– Are you more inclined to speak out on fb, twitter, blogs, groups than you are to pray?
– Are you more interested in whose in the White House than who is in God’s house?
– Are you more interested in boycotts than you are the salvation of family and friends?

God’s weapons are radically different from the weapons typically used in moral, political and social battles.

Because of the spiritual nature of this struggle, His disciples understood the spiritual nature of the weapon. (2 Corinthians 10:4) “the weapons of our warfare are not of the world. On the contrary they have divine power to demolish strongholds.”

It only takes a moment to recognize how different God’s weapons are from the normal weapons we use in our social battles. As the early disciples focused on God’s weapons, they prevailed.
– Where is Rome today? There is a place called Rome, but it is no longer a world power.
– Where is Caesar today? There is a salad named after him but most of us couldn’t name an emperor of Rome.
– Where are the emperors? GONE
– Where is Christianity? EVERYWHERE

When God looks at you, He sees potential. You may see a blank canvas, but He sees a finished painting. You might see a Simon, but God sees a Peter. You might see a Gideon, but God sees a mighty man and woman.

Something incredible is taking shape. Lives are changing. A new movement is being born. The world is about to be tipped upside down.

The early disciples did it and we can too!