Everybody has a story and the most challenging stories that are ever told are the ones that change you.  At one time in my life, I was the main character of my movie.  It was written by me, it was directed by me and it was staring me.  But in 1995, I met the real Man who began to tell me a different story about my life.  It was a love story but I was not the main character.  At that moment I made a decision to Live A Better Story.

It was that same night that I heard a song that became a “call to action” for me.

Rise up O men of God, Have done with lesser things. Give heart and soul and mind and strength, To serve the King of Kings. Rise up the Lord is calling, Rise up this is the day Rise up and seize the moment, Rise up O men of faith – William P. Merrill

The bible tells us a story of God’s people where only 1 in a million lived a better story.  Two million were caught up in a bad story.  They were in bondage for 400 years.  All two million had the same opportunity to experience God’s power, presence and protection but only 2 out of 2 million did.  It was only Joshua and Caleb who would be the two who would live a better story.

The two enemies of your story are fear and uncertainty.  Fear is being put in a dangerous situation and uncertainty is not being completely sure how you will get out.  Israel crossed the Jordan during harvest season, a body of water that was much higher than it use to be as the rain and snow melted from Mount Hermon.  They didn’t just come up and cross it, but after three days, they had a lot of time to face the two enemies of every story; fear and uncertainty.  God encouraged them to follow the script that He had written (Joshua 3:1-17).

Living a better story doesn’t come naturally.  Although you know your story is important and you don’t want to waste it.  You don’t get to tell it by pretending it’s just about you.   Your story is a story within His story.  Today, you get the opportunity to tell God’s story with your life.  Follow the script!!!

- Ladell Graham