When you got up this morning you presented yourself to that mirror before you presented yourself on your job.  However, none of us have truly seen ourselves.  The reason that you think you look the way you do is because you have trusted a natural mirror.  But you haven’t really seen yourself.  You have only seen a reflection of who you are.

Isn’t it funny every single day we trust a natural mirror to tell us what we look like naturally.  But when it comes to God’s mirror (the Bible) we have such a tough time trusting a spiritual mirror and what it says on the inside which is a picture of your true self.

Many times we have a tough time trusting what the Bible says because it is easy to trust a natural mirror.  However, would any of you ladies get up in the morning and say, my hair isn’t that messed up.  I don’t need to look into the mirror this morning?

Your spirit is always trying to follow God and convince you that you love Him.  Your spirit wants to know Him and experience more of Him.  So this mirror (the Bible) is just confirming what your spirit is telling you on the inside.  You are a slave of righteousness (Romans 6:1-7).

Put as much energy into your spiritual mirror as you put into your natural mirror.  Then you will discover what you really look like.