Ladell Graham


Ladell Graham

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Welcome To The CHAMPION Center

Whether you are checking us out for the first time or are looking for ways to get connected, we consider it an honor you are here.  We are committed to helping you understand what it means to be a follower of Jesus, and grow in your relationship with Him.  

Our desire is that you would feel comfortable and welcome here.  If we can answer any questions, just let us know.


2017 Scholarship

All Champion Center graduates are honor students and graduated near the top of their class. 

Sunday June 11 recognizing all graduates.

The Sound

Current series

Every generation has a sound and every move of God has a sound.  The sound can be heard before what produces the sound can be seen.  This series lay the foundation for the new sound coming to the church.

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Catch The Rhythm

The world God has created is rhythmic.  These rhythms are designed to set the pace for our lives.  Our hearts beat, blood flows, we breathe in and out, we sleep and awake.  There is a pace in the world, and if we are not careful it will break the voice of God for our life, but when we catch the rhythm of God, life is lived freely and lightly.